Time Travel Credit Repair Company  

Time Travel Credit Repair Company is based in Southeast Michigan and provides professional credit restoration services through out the United States.   Servicing our clients with due diligence, fast action and educated consultation we help  individuals, families, and businesses achieve thier financial goals.  

Working With Us | What to expect

We understand that everyone has different credit repair needs and that having poor credit can often times be frustrating,  or even confusing in how to deal with it.  

Time Travel Credit Repair lifts this burden from your shoulders.  Our services not only clean up your credit report but during the process we will consult you on ways to maintain a good credit score and methods on how you can increase your over all lending worthiness.

As Michigan's top credit repair companies it is our goal to help clients achieve 100% restoration.  During this process you can expect to see your current score gradually increase.   However, depending on your current credit condition, results can very.  Majority of our clients will see improvements in as short as 30 days. 

 Enhanced Credit Grades 

Your credit score is a one-diminutional point of view when evaluating your over all credit grade or lending worthiness.  

Determining credit grades involve a more detailed analysis of your credit portfolio.  It takes into consideration, current credit limits, average credit age, number of active credit lines, in addition to types of current and past credit  ie. (Revolving, Installment, Secured).

A more developed credit grade requires improving in all these areas and will enable you to have greater borrowing power. 

 We consult you on the tools and assets needed to effectively improve your credit grade.


Time Travel Credit Repair Company is simply amazing.. They removed 7 out of 9 negative accounts
in the first 30 days and my score went up 64 points. I feel as if I have a life long financial partner.
So Excited!- Jayson  ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️