Credit Cheat Code E-Book


“The Cheat Code” was created to help limit individuals mistakes when it comes to building credit as well as leveraging your credit for capital gain.  This is a Digital E-Book product.


Time Travel Credit Repair as a brand is flourished with the tag line “Credit Repair At The Speed Of Light”. A call-to-action for adults. Time Travel Credit Repair is a company whose core business is credit restoration, the company aims to do just that. The matter-of-fact name certainly intends to spark candid conversations about financial literacy, the importance of credit, and how financial freedom is more involved than simply paying off debt and avoiding new debtors. With glowing reviews on both Facebook and Google, TTCR is certainly proving its point and changing lives for the better.

TIME TRAVEL CREDIT REPAIR is based in Ypsilanti, Michigan. The owners were prodigious student athletes receiving athletic scholarships to major universities, but they found themselves unprepared for the financial realities of adulthood. After struggling but ultimately figuring it out successfully, they decided the next generation shouldn’t have to do it the hard way. They wanted to take action on a fundamental oversight in the American public school system: The Teaching of Financial Literacy.