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Financial Literacy Flash Cards – Credit 101


An excellent resource and tool for individuals, educators, and professionals to learn and better understand what is CREDIT and how it works.


Time Travel Credit Education 101 is excited to present its first volume of the Importance of Credit also known as Credit Awareness Flash Cards, designed to bring individuals aware of financial literacy and the lack of knowledge provided the educational system around the globe. This 52- card series gives strength by receiving the knowledge needed to have the financial freedom you deserve. It’s impossible to solve an issue u have never witnessed seen or been educated on the problem. You will be provided Definitions, Untold secrets about creditors and credit bureaus and how they violate the FCRA laws which entitles you to have some if not all collection or delinquent accounts deleted from your credit files.

Enjoy learning about the ability of an individual to obtain goods or services before payment, based on the trust that payment will be made in the future also known as CREDIT. It is imperative that they know how to survive financially, become interested, and take action to build their own success by remaining financially free.